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Welcome to our web page, built by father and son with the aim of helping you say That's Evolution - Evolution Games to a young child after they experience its key principles, simplified in a range of games and activities.

  Evolution games and activities listed in the rather random order in which we made them :  
Evolve the head size, arm and leg length of the new generation of robots, by choosing one of three small design code changes.

Try evolving a huge or tiny head, or to reach the fruit.
(You can also edit Robo's code directly if you like.)

Munch all the moths you can see and see what happens to the moth population. Light coloured and dark variations appear at random.

The Change button switches their environment.
Change and repeat - it works both ways!

Population explosion from only two animals, if all grow up to have two babies each. (Usually shown with rabbits, but more snakes fit on the screen).

Click the grass snakes to have them reproduce.

Mud covers your evolutionary progress, later found recorded in rock layers as you dig down.
Copy 'dna' and notice that small mistakes are sometimes made, which make wing pattern changes.

(This one is a bit boring being fully automatic
and I need to rework it sometime.)


Make a date with your own 'Yearwig' by selecting towards your year of birth or the random year supplied.

Heads'n'Tails. Can you get to see life flower, against the odds? Six heads, no tails!

You just need to keep trying! (Life had millions of years to get much more lucky than this!)

Keep tending the garden, but notice that some plants dominate while others get harder to find.

Each plant will grow as you click and move it.

Bug Hunt! Munch the bugs you can see. Then use your torch to see how their 'behaviour' changed.

When a bug is eaten, a new one appears at a completely random location.

In the Game of Life, simple rules create living patterns.

(Created after reading about this in Daniel C. Dennett's
book 'Darwin's Dangerous Idea' p163.)


Explore the "Tree of LIFE", looking for the common ancestors of the four L, I, F, E forms.
Did E evolve from L? (Find E to answer!)
Includes random missions to meet all the common ancestors, scoring and many details to discover.


Adjust size, speed and health to give you a creature that will live long and prosper! The game involves some luck and judgement, so you might like to try a creature more than once to give it a fair chance. Set a new High Score and new default that others will then start from!

(Not really sure about this game - might rework the idea sometime.)

Compare how long it takes for a 'Rainbow Frog' to reach safety, either by blind chance or inheritance.

Recommended reading:

by Daniel Loxton *
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by Gareth Rosser
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