1. These 'Rainbow Frogs' happen to naturally change colour at random. So do their offspring, who just keep on coming!

2. The black cat will catch a frog if it sees it crossing any of the colours on the rainbow.

Leave things alone for as long as you like and see if a frog will be lucky enough to match the colours by pure chance.
3. Now, make matters 'worse' for the frogs and help your ginger cat to spot them by clicking on the first colour that you see them on!

This might seem worse for the frogs, but their offspring will start to inherit specific colour changes, rather than the random ones.
Run the 'blind chance' script at much higher speed, just to see how long it could take. You might get lucky quite soon - you might not - try it out a few times!

* Run the 'blind chance'
script at high speed
Compare how long it takes for a frog to reach safety, either by blind chance or inheritance.

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